Aeroplain is an eclectic mixture of jazz, electronica, classical, funk and more. You could call it “electronica fusion.” Influences from all around the world that is mixed into small adventurous melodies.

Aeroplain is the brainchild of Massimo Fiorentino, born in Italy, raised in Denmark. At the age of five, he was always standing in the family’s kitchen, conducting the classical orchestras on the radio with a piece of spaghetti. At the age of seven he got a toy organ for his birthday, and he immediately began composing small tunes.

Ever since, Massimo has been playing, composing and performing in numerous bands. From being a clown’s musical assistant to having written music for a school musical, he has worked with countless genres and styles. He has been a drummer, a singer, a band conductor, a pianist and music is closest to his heart, mind and memories.

Currently, and apart from this project he’s performing in a variety of bands, also as a composer.

Nice to know: Aeroplain is not a misspelling of the word “Aeroplane”, even though it toys around with this common misspelling and use of the word. It is a compound of the words ‘aero’ and ‘plain’. Aero is from Ancient Greek ἀήρ (aḗr, “air”), and plain from Latin plānus (“flat, even, level, plain”). In other words: Even Air.